The place to be for business matchmaking.

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Benefits of Hyperdome for Visitors


  • Efficient access to information
  • Excellent networking
  • High level of new contacts
  • Opportunity to discuss business matters directly with experts
  • An electronic bag to collect business cards and information efficiently
  • Getting more done in three hours than usually in one day
  • Accomodates your personal schedule
  • Requires no travel, no costs
  • Innovative social interaction
  • Absence of stress.

Benefits for sponsors and exhibitors


  • Get in front of thousands of potential clients
  • Communicate your brand effectively
  • Measure the results of your marketing spending
  • Interact efficiently with large number of people
  • Track contact information and follow-up effectively
  • Save money: no booth required
  • No inducements – compliance friendly
  • Involve your organization effectively
  • No travel required, no hotels, no catering
  • Easy interaction with potential clients
  • Better results in less time and at a fraction of the cost

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Pictures from the 2014 Virtual FinFair.

Everybody wants to do more business. Hyperdome is probably the most innovative way of growing business. Instead of doing more, Hyperdome is about doing things differently, a new approach to growing your clients awareness, without increasing your costs and by growing your client community.

The meeting place for business matchmaking

Hyperdome is the ideal place for organising business events and creating business communities. By facilitating encounter, Hyperdome allows partici-pants to grow their number of contacts significantly and thereby grow their business opportunities. Hyperdome is a unique business matchmaking opportunity.

Bringing people together to create a community

Companies use many kinds of advertising to target their potential clients. Beyond advertising, Hyperdome is an ideal way to involve your audience and to create a meeting place for encounter, information, education and brand-building. By using Hyperdome, companies can significantly grow the share of mind of their audience.

Better business results at lower costs

Welcome to Hyperdome! The place to be for business matchmaking.


Our passion is to get people to meet, discuss and do business.

Therefore we have created Hyperdome: the meeting place for business matchmaking.


We are using the most advanced 3D interactive technology platform available today: Hyperfair.


With this technology, we create meeting places for customers, suppliers, shareholders and their wider stakeholder community. Hyperdome achieves better marketing results, in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

Hyperdome Business Matchmaking


There are numerous ways to use Hyperdome


Global Client Event

Bringing clients and suppliers together for a national or international gathering to discover products, new ideas, visit the conference, lsiten to speeches and most of all: for business matchmaking.


Global Employee Day

For large international corporations a global employee day can be a fantastic way to bring their employees at all levels together. It allows corporations to improve communication and increase employee buy-in.


Global Product Day

Too many products, suppliers and departments? Global product days allow each specialist area to demonstrate their capabilities and both employees and suppliers to meet globally.


Global Shareholder Day

Shareholders come in all types and numbers. Allow them to meet all levels of your organization and to find out more about what you do, how you do it and especially who is working behind the scenes.


Career Event

Good talent is difficult to find, career events allow companies to communicate more effectively with target candidates.


Virtual FinFair - A good example of how an international community of professionals can come together to get information, learn and meet each other.

A unique virtual meeting place


Hyperdome is a virtual meeting place. Like any other meeting place, people go there for many reasons:


  • To walk around and discover.
  • To meet people and to establish new contacts.
  • To exchange information.
  • To learn, discuss and exchange views.
  • To promote products and services.


Collect information

Like in real-life, you can use your bag to collect brochures, fact sheets and any kind of literature and documentation.


Meet new people

Sharing your business card with someone is the best way to get to know new people. Engage in a conversation and make new contacts.


Attend the conference

Top speakers from all over the world can use Hyperdome to address a large audience. Simply go to the conference centre en check-out which speech you want to attend.


Visit product and service providers

By walking around between the booths of the product and service providers you can quickly gain access to information, collect data sheets and meet senior company officials.


Hyperdome use the browser-based virtual 3D platform of Hyperfair inc..


Hyperfair is the world leader of virtual 3D full immersion events.




10 reasons for meeting at the Hyperdome


  1. Easy of access

Hyperdome creates an opportunity for the whole community to join the event. Thousands of members can attend the event from all over the world.


  1. Barrier-free

Hyperdome takes place virtually and on-line, offering all members a barrier-free attendance opportunity. Barrier-free means: No travel is required, no parking, all members, irrespective of where they live can attend in their own way.


  1. Time-optimization

Getting more done in less time is crucial. With no travel and immediate on-line access members maximize their precious time. No travel means no traffic jams, no trains, no weather constraints.


  1. High level attendance

Only a limited number of people from organisations can travel to attend events. Not anymore, Hyperdome allows senior executives and their staff to enter Hyperdome when it is convenient for them.


  1. Making more new contacts

The value of conferences is often meeting and discussing with peers. In a traditional conference, you can meet with 5-10 persons. Virtual events allow participants to exchange business cards and exchange views with 50-100 people in a more efficient way.


  1. Accommodating your schedule

Other important appointments the same day? No problem, you can easily attend other important meetings and spend the remaining time at Hyperdome.


  1. Sharing with your staff

Want to make sure key decision makers and administrative members are involved in your business? They also can attend and make the most of it.


  1. Cost-effective

As costs are kept low, attendance is usually free, irrespective of the number of staff you wish to invite.


  1. More information in less time

Conferences can be time consuming, on-line events usually bring you more in three hours than other events in a full day. Moreover, you can download the information and business cards collected and efficiently follow-up on your contacts over the following days.


  1. Fun as well

While there is no catering, attendants report that the conference was not only useful, it was entertaining as well. In normal events, it is sometimes difficult to meet new people without getting introduced. During Virtual Events access to other members is easy and forthcoming. It becomes so much easier to make new contacts.